Shoestring Travelers Vs. Luxury Lovers… How to Compromise When Your Holiday Styles Don't Match

Travelling can be stressful for any couple, but when you and your partner have very different holiday styles, the arguments can start before you have even decided where to go. If you love backpacking and camping, while your spouse prefers luxury hotels and all-inclusive cruises, here are some ways to compromise and enjoy your travel time together.

Consider Caravan or Motorhome Holidays

Offering (almost) all the freedom of camping, without the discomfort of sleeping on bumpy or waterlogged ground, caravan and motorhome holidays are a good compromise for avid campers who are married to indoor types. Look for powered caravan sites that offer on-site shower facilities, which allow you both to enjoy life's little luxuries while sleeping just a few steps from the great outdoors. As a motorhome or mobile caravan gives you the freedom to move around as much as you like during your holiday, you can take in many beautiful locations, all without ever having to pitch a tent in a rainstorm.

Choose Hostels Over Hotels

If your partner insists on sleeping in an actual building, but your budget won't stretch to a hotel, consider booking into a hostel. Many hostels offer private rooms, so you won't have to share your sleeping space with a dozen backpackers in a crowded dorm (unless you want to). With many hostels offering kitchens, free Wi-Fi and common areas where you can hang out and swap stories with other travelers, they can be a more practical and homely choice than a hotel, but typically come at a fraction of the cost. What's the catch? Hostels often book up quickly, particularly during peak periods, so you'll need to move quickly to secure your spot.

Plan a Day of Luxury

When you need to stick to a tight budget or you're trying to get back to basics, luxury isn't going to be a central theme of your holiday. However, that doesn't mean you can't pamper yourselves at all during your trip. Plan one luxury activity that you and your partner can enjoy together, whether it's eating at the best restaurant in town or taking a helicopter ride to view a beautiful local landmark from the air. Planning a special treat that indulges your partner's expensive tastes, as well as a range of down-to-earth activities that take both your comfort levels into account, is a good way to ensure you both feel excited about your upcoming trip.