Four Ways Homeschooling Families May Benefit From Pub Ownership

If you like cook, love being around people and want to own your own business, it makes sense to invest in your own pub. If you are a homeschooling family, buying a pub for sale makes even more sense.

Here's a look at how pub ownership may positively impact your homeschooling journey and how homeschooling can be a boon for a pub owner:

1. Lots of time together

Running a family business with your partner and kids creates a lot of time for you to spend together. During slow times, your kids can work on their homeschool assignments at the bar or at an empty table, and when the pub is full of punters, they can help you serve them.

2. Convenient on-site accommodations

In addition to spending time together in the pub, you can also combine your living and working arrangements. In many cases, pubs include flats or attached houses, and if you buy a pub that includes accommodation for your family, you make it easier to juggle your business and the needs of your children.

For example, if you have a napping toddler, you can use a baby monitor to keep an ear on him or her while you work in the pub. Additionally, if your kids are working on assignments in your living quarters, you can easily check on them from the pub -- that would likely be impossible if you worked off site and had to adhere to a schedule created by your boss.

3. Hands-on learning experiences

One of the benefits of not sending you kids to a traditional classroom is that they can virtually learn anywhere, and pub ownership offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences.

Your kids get to see the behind-the-scenes work involved in making a business successful, and they also get to learn other critical skills ranging from customer care, to basic accounting principles, to cooking and more.

4. Potential tax savings for paying your children

As a pub owner, you don't have to let your children's efforts go unrewarded, and in fact, by paying your children, you may reduce your tax burden. When you pay employees (including family members), you can write off the income as a business expense, meaning you don't have to pay tax on those business earnings.

Additionally, as long as your child earns under the $18,200 income threshold, he doesn't have to pay taxes on his or her earnings either. As a result, you lower the tax burden for your entire family.

5. Social Access

Finally, if you are worried that your kids aren't getting enough time to socialise, owning a pub can help. In many cases, pubs serve as the heart of the community. You can sponsor sport teams and invite them to dine after their games, you can host special events, and your pub can serve as a gathering point for adults and families alike. This all helps to create the social environment you may desire for your kid.