How to Help Pet Dogs Settle into a Motel Room

It is quite natural for some people to take their pet dog or dogs on vacation with them. When out exploring a new area, or going for long walks or rambles, people enjoy the company of their dogs, and are happy to allow the animal to explore new areas too. For people who do not use a mobile home to stay in during this kind of vacation, motels are ideal. Most motels are clean, found in handy locations and are reasonably priced. Many allow pets to stay as well. Let's look at how to enable your dogs to settle in different motel rooms.


When you first set out on your vacation with your dogs, remember to take some beds, toys and other comforting items (such as an old pair of socks, or a blanket or towel) that the dog usually plays with at home. All of these items will smell familiar and help to settle the dog in the room.

As soon as you enter the room, place the beds and other stuff into a corner of the room, or wherever you want the dog to sleep. Taking the dog's bed also offers the dog its own place or space to lie; this appeals to the dog's den type instincts of having its own area to sleep in. Both of these factors combine to keep your dog from becoming very stressed.

Remove Peripheral Items

Most motel rooms will have complimentary tea and coffee, bars and bottles of soap in the bathroom, and a full stock of toilet paper. There is a chance that if you leave the room to have a meal or go for a drink the dog could end up causing damage to these types of items. Dogs that are overly stressed may start to chew things in the room.

Remove all of the items that can be reached so you can negate the chance that your dog will be tempted to misbehave. If there is nothing to chew on, the dog may choose to settle in their bed.

Test the Water

The next step is important. It is a good idea to leave the motel room for around fifteen to twenty minutes after settling your dog in. You can go for a walk around the motel, or the complex, and allow your dog to get used to the fact that you may be gone for a little time as you eat or drink. Doing this soon after you arrive in the room will allow the dog to avoid feeling abandoned; they know that you will return.

Some people, when out of the room for a short while, will also keep the television or radio on. This can block out noises from outside of the room and help a dog to relax. Ask motels such as Burswood Lodge about other tips and suggestions to ensure every member of your family feels comfortable during your stay.