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Why serviced apartments could be the next big investment

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Serviced apartments are a relatively new form of investment in the accommodation industry, but one that has seen a big growth. The serviced apartments industry has been the steadiest performer in the accommodation subdivision over the past decade. Thanks to modern life, people travelling for business is becoming a norm with extended stays becoming more common. When put in this situation, wouldn’t you rather stay in a home away from home, as opposed to a bedroom with an en suite? Serviced apartments give clients the freedom to live a...

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How to Take a Classic Motel Road Trip

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Do you reminisce about the good old days of jumping in the car and just seeing where it would take you? Do you romanticise motel accommodation and love the idea of pulling up in front of a different room every night? If you answered yes, it sounds like you are a prime candidate for an old-fashioned road trip holiday. Here are some tips on making the most of your time on the highway. Book your motels A printed motel guide thrown onto the back seat would be in keeping with the spirit of the adventure, but for the sake of convenience, you can...

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How to Help Pet Dogs Settle into a Motel Room

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It is quite natural for some people to take their pet dog or dogs on vacation with them. When out exploring a new area, or going for long walks or rambles, people enjoy the company of their dogs, and are happy to allow the animal to explore new areas too. For people who do not use a mobile home to stay in during this kind of vacation, motels are ideal. Most motels are clean, found in handy locations and are reasonably priced. Many allow pets to stay as well. Let’s look at how to enable your dogs to settle in different motel rooms....

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Why you should choose a small local hotel rather than a chain hotel

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When it comes time to choose an accommodation for a family holiday, most people head online to look for a great deal. It’s always easiest to find the big chain hotels but if you really want to experience the area you are visiting, you should look for a local, boutique hotel. Supporting local businesses When you stay at a locally owned hotel you are staying somewhere where the owners have committed to the area. The owners often work in the business and can give you great advice on the local area including restaurants, local shops and...

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In-house Fitness Option In Hotels

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If you are a regular traveller for work, you know that it can be hard to maintain your fitness regime when you are staying in motels. Here are some options to stay fit, whether or not your motel has a fitness centre on site. If there is a fitness centre at the motel The rowing machine is a great option to squeeze a workout into a busy day; you can get cardio benefits with some core and arm strengthening. Try rowing for 30 minutes followed by some free weights to really get your heart pumping. It’s also a great way to keep yourself busy...

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