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Shoestring Travelers Vs. Luxury Lovers… How to Compromise When Your Holiday Styles Don’t Match

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Travelling can be stressful for any couple, but when you and your partner have very different holiday styles, the arguments can start before you have even decided where to go. If you love backpacking and camping, while your spouse prefers luxury hotels and all-inclusive cruises, here are some ways to compromise and enjoy your travel time together. Consider Caravan or Motorhome Holidays Offering (almost) all the freedom of camping, without the discomfort of sleeping on bumpy or waterlogged ground, caravan and motorhome holidays are a good compromise for avid campers who are married to indoor types. Look for powered caravan sites that offer on-site shower facilities, which allow you both to enjoy life’s little luxuries while sleeping just a few steps from the great outdoors. As a motorhome or mobile caravan gives you the freedom to move around as much as you like during your holiday, you can take in many beautiful locations, all without ever having to pitch a tent in a rainstorm. Choose Hostels Over Hotels If your partner insists on sleeping in an actual building, but your budget won’t stretch to a hotel, consider booking into a hostel. Many hostels offer private rooms, so you won’t have to share your sleeping space with a dozen backpackers in a crowded dorm (unless you want to). With many hostels offering kitchens, free Wi-Fi and common areas where you can hang out and swap stories with other travelers, they can be a more practical and homely choice than a hotel, but typically come at a fraction of the cost. What’s the catch? Hostels often book up quickly, particularly during peak periods, so you’ll need to move quickly to secure your spot. Plan a Day of Luxury When you need to stick to a tight budget or you’re trying to get back to basics, luxury isn’t going to be a central theme of your holiday. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourselves at all during your trip. Plan one luxury activity that you and your partner can enjoy together, whether it’s eating at the best restaurant in town or taking a helicopter ride to view a beautiful local landmark from the air. Planning a special treat that indulges your partner’s expensive tastes, as well as a range of down-to-earth activities that take both your comfort levels into account, is a good way to ensure you both feel excited about your upcoming...

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Four Ways Homeschooling Families May Benefit From Pub Ownership

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If you like cook, love being around people and want to own your own business, it makes sense to invest in your own pub. If you are a homeschooling family, buying a pub for sale makes even more sense. Here’s a look at how pub ownership may positively impact your homeschooling journey and how homeschooling can be a boon for a pub owner: 1. Lots of time together Running a family business with your partner and kids creates a lot of time for you to spend together. During slow times, your kids can work on their homeschool assignments at the bar or at an empty table, and when the pub is full of punters, they can help you serve them. 2. Convenient on-site accommodations In addition to spending time together in the pub, you can also combine your living and working arrangements. In many cases, pubs include flats or attached houses, and if you buy a pub that includes accommodation for your family, you make it easier to juggle your business and the needs of your children. For example, if you have a napping toddler, you can use a baby monitor to keep an ear on him or her while you work in the pub. Additionally, if your kids are working on assignments in your living quarters, you can easily check on them from the pub — that would likely be impossible if you worked off site and had to adhere to a schedule created by your boss. 3. Hands-on learning experiences One of the benefits of not sending you kids to a traditional classroom is that they can virtually learn anywhere, and pub ownership offers a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Your kids get to see the behind-the-scenes work involved in making a business successful, and they also get to learn other critical skills ranging from customer care, to basic accounting principles, to cooking and more. 4. Potential tax savings for paying your children As a pub owner, you don’t have to let your children’s efforts go unrewarded, and in fact, by paying your children, you may reduce your tax burden. When you pay employees (including family members), you can write off the income as a business expense, meaning you don’t have to pay tax on those business earnings. Additionally, as long as your child earns under the $18,200 income threshold, he doesn’t have to pay taxes on his or her earnings either. As a result, you lower the tax burden for your entire family. 5. Social Access Finally, if you are worried that your kids aren’t getting enough time to socialise, owning a pub can help. In many cases, pubs serve as the heart of the community. You can sponsor sport teams and invite them to dine after their games, you can host special events, and your pub can serve as a gathering point for adults and families alike. This all helps to create the social environment you may desire for your...

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Benefits of Staying in a Self Contained Apartment Instead of a Traditional Hotel

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When you are traveling or vacationing, there are different types of lodging or accommodations that you can choose from. Self contained apartments are designed to give you access to all the comforts of home when you are on the road. These types of apartments, which can be used as lodging during travel, are different from traditional hotels and offer a variety of benefits. Space One of the things that you will notice when you first step into a self contained apartment is the amount of space that is available. Most hotel rooms are designed to be small and have only a separate room for the bathroom of a small seating area. A self contained apartment is a type of accommodation that you can choose from that gives you access to much more space. You will typically have access to an apartment that offers a living space, bedroom area, bathroom, kitchen and even additional space that you can use while you are staying. When you are looking for a type of lodging option that offers the most space possible, it is best to opt for a self contained apartment over a hotel room. Kitchen One of the most costly expenses when you are traveling involves dining. When you are staying at a traditional hotel, you only have the option of dining out or paying for room service. A self contained apartment comes with a complete kitchen that you can use to make many of your meals. This means that you can lower the cost of your travel expenses by making many of your meals. Having access to a fully functional kitchen is one of the biggest benefits of staying in a self contained apartment during your vacation or trip away from the comforts of home. Laundry One of the biggest hassles when you are traveling is the inability to have access to the normalcy of home, including your full wardrobe and a washer and dryer. This can change by choosing to stay in a self contained apartment. This type of lodging is outfitted with a washing machine and dryer that you can use to do your own laundry during your stay. This means that you do not have to worry about the high priced dry cleaning fees at a typical hotel and can avoid having to locate a Laundromat. It is possible to do your own laundry conveniently within your self contained apartment. There are many benefits to using self contained apartments over hotel rooms, so check one out the next time you  have to...

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Alternative Accommodation Options in Bali

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With direct flights and pristine beaches that run for miles, it’s no wonder that 16,000 Australians travel to Bali every week, making it one of the most popular travel destinations for Aussies. Part of the reason why Bali is such a success story with foreign tourists is that it knows how to cater to tourists of all descriptions. This means that you will be able to find an incredible selection of accommodation options that extend far beyond the standard big name hotels when you visit the island. Here are a few alternative accommodation options that you might want to consider. Bungalows in Sanur. If you want to experience life in Bali as it was before mass tourism arrived, the quaint fishing town of Sanur is the place to be. An accommodation option that is unique to Sanur is the Balinese bungalow. Instead of having to deal with the sounds of your neighbours’ alarm clock going off in the morning time, you’ll have nothing but the sound of nature around you. You can typically expect spacious rooms that are furnished in beautiful teak wood, and bungalows here are often surrounded by palm trees and natural vegetation too. Beach huts in Nusa Lembongan. Since Bali is becoming more and more popular, the Bali veterans who miss the days of having a whole stretch of beach to themselves are flocking to the small island of Nusa Lembongan that lies just off the coast. This is a place where you can find a beach hut for a fraction of the price that you would pay on the main island because mass tourism has not arrived there yet. For budget backpackers who want a slice of paradise (and can cope in the hot temperatures of Bali without air conditioning!), this option is ideal. Eco villas in Ubud. If you are more interested in jungle than beach, escape the beach bums and head to Ubud where everything is greener and fresher. This is also the main spot in Bali for eco-tourism, so if you also have concerns about the way your trips impact the environment, this could be an ideal choice for you. When you book an eco villa, you can typically expect use of solar panels, cleaning with biodegradable products, pro-active recycling schemes, villas made of sustainable materials such as bamboo, and bio sewage treatment. Pick one of these options, and you’ll have a trip to remember in...

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Why serviced apartments could be the next big investment

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Serviced apartments are a relatively new form of investment in the accommodation industry, but one that has seen a big growth. The serviced apartments industry has been the steadiest performer in the accommodation subdivision over the past decade. Thanks to modern life, people travelling for business is becoming a norm with extended stays becoming more common. When put in this situation, wouldn’t you rather stay in a home away from home, as opposed to a bedroom with an en suite? Serviced apartments give clients the freedom to live a normal life, free from the constraints of living in a hotel for weeks at a time. Low risk, low effort, high reward There are plenty of different companies to choose from when it comes to investing in a serviced apartment. These companies differ in the level of involvement, meaning that it is easy to find the right one for you. If you wanted to take the most hands-off approach possible, invest through a company that takes care of the property, from housekeeping to booking. If you are looking at taking a more hands-on approach to this, purchase the property yourself, and get stuck in creating your business venture. Steady income Due to the nature of serviced apartments, it is much easier to make a steady income, avoiding the lulls in income that you might experience in other industries. A bed and breakfast, for example, would not be taking in money throughout the year, only during peak holiday times. Renting a property to tenants has the risk of long periods of searching for new tenants, potentially leaving the property empty for extended periods of time, turning an investment into a serious drain. By investing in a serviced apartment, you appeal to a much wider base of income. You can still rent the property out to holiday-makers who are perhaps looking for an extended stay but without the hassle of hotel life. Then, when outside of peak holiday times, you can rent the property to people who are travelling for work. This fills in those gaps of no income, and whilst there will be a higher turn-around than renting to tenants, the income will form a much steadier flow. Personal use Perhaps one of the best features of this investment is that you can use it yourself. Perhaps you fancy a weekend break or a more prolonged stay visiting family and friends. The apartment will always be there for yourself to make use of when you need it. For more information on serviced apartments, contact a company like Executive...

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How to Take a Classic Motel Road Trip

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Do you reminisce about the good old days of jumping in the car and just seeing where it would take you? Do you romanticise motel accommodation and love the idea of pulling up in front of a different room every night? If you answered yes, it sounds like you are a prime candidate for an old-fashioned road trip holiday. Here are some tips on making the most of your time on the highway. Book your motels A printed motel guide thrown onto the back seat would be in keeping with the spirit of the adventure, but for the sake of convenience, you can search online. You would be best booking before you travel to ensure a room each night, in which case you will need a fairly firm itinerary and route in mind. However, if you feel this kills the spontaneity, just use the Wi-Fi at one motel to search for and book your next stop. Fuel up with breakfast Most motel rates include the night’s accommodation plus breakfast. This is your chance to stock up on energy before hitting the road again, so make the most of the spread offered. Luckily, you’ll find the breakfast menu in the average Australian motel hasn’t stayed stuck in the past. Ditch the GPS With satellite navigation becoming the normal method of reaching our destination, the joy of getting lost and exploring the back roads is a distant memory. On this trip, turn the GPS off and arm yourself with local tourist maps instead; most motel receptions will stock them. If travelling with a partner, however, remember that the driver/navigator experience is one of the truest tests of a relationship’s strength. Ask the locals To find the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track highlights, you’ll need some local knowledge. Ask the staff at your accommodation each night for their local picks. If you feel like a challenge, ask for hand drawn directions to one spot and see if you can find it! Your motel receptionist will be a great source of information about the surrounding area. Have a motel night-in On any holiday, eating out and discovering new restaurants and pubs is great fun. On a classic road-trip though, you need at least one evening in your motel room, lying on the bed watching old movies and eating takeaway. Here’s hoping your road trip finds you in the right places at the right time. For more tips, contact motel accommodations like Macquarie Inn at Club...

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How to Help Pet Dogs Settle into a Motel Room

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It is quite natural for some people to take their pet dog or dogs on vacation with them. When out exploring a new area, or going for long walks or rambles, people enjoy the company of their dogs, and are happy to allow the animal to explore new areas too. For people who do not use a mobile home to stay in during this kind of vacation, motels are ideal. Most motels are clean, found in handy locations and are reasonably priced. Many allow pets to stay as well. Let’s look at how to enable your dogs to settle in different motel rooms. Familiarize When you first set out on your vacation with your dogs, remember to take some beds, toys and other comforting items (such as an old pair of socks, or a blanket or towel) that the dog usually plays with at home. All of these items will smell familiar and help to settle the dog in the room. As soon as you enter the room, place the beds and other stuff into a corner of the room, or wherever you want the dog to sleep. Taking the dog’s bed also offers the dog its own place or space to lie; this appeals to the dog’s den type instincts of having its own area to sleep in. Both of these factors combine to keep your dog from becoming very stressed. Remove Peripheral Items Most motel rooms will have complimentary tea and coffee, bars and bottles of soap in the bathroom, and a full stock of toilet paper. There is a chance that if you leave the room to have a meal or go for a drink the dog could end up causing damage to these types of items. Dogs that are overly stressed may start to chew things in the room. Remove all of the items that can be reached so you can negate the chance that your dog will be tempted to misbehave. If there is nothing to chew on, the dog may choose to settle in their bed. Test the Water The next step is important. It is a good idea to leave the motel room for around fifteen to twenty minutes after settling your dog in. You can go for a walk around the motel, or the complex, and allow your dog to get used to the fact that you may be gone for a little time as you eat or drink. Doing this soon after you arrive in the room will allow the dog to avoid feeling abandoned; they know that you will return. Some people, when out of the room for a short while, will also keep the television or radio on. This can block out noises from outside of the room and help a dog to relax. Ask motels such as Burswood Lodge about other tips and suggestions to ensure every member of your family feels comfortable during your...

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Why you should choose a small local hotel rather than a chain hotel

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When it comes time to choose an accommodation for a family holiday, most people head online to look for a great deal. It’s always easiest to find the big chain hotels but if you really want to experience the area you are visiting, you should look for a local, boutique hotel. Supporting local businesses When you stay at a locally owned hotel you are staying somewhere where the owners have committed to the area. The owners often work in the business and can give you great advice on the local area including restaurants, local shops and cool places to visit. The support staff as well as the front-line staff are based locally, and often local hotels make an effort to showcase local crafts in the gift shop and local wines and foods in the dining facilities. Boutique hotels also tend to have more leisure visitors compared to business visitors, so they have more information available on local (and hidden) tourist hideaways. Additional flexibility Small hotels are less bound by restrictive policies and can offer some more flexibility for all sorts of issues that can make your stay easier like room service, check in and check out times and additional housekeeping supplies. Staff have more flexibility and thus can take more responsibility for your customer satisfaction. If you are on a family holiday with a large number of children, there is often more flexibility in sleeping arrangements in smaller hotels. Smaller size With the smaller number of guests there is less crowding in the facilities such as the pool or bar, and there is less chance of noise intrusion on your peaceful getaway. No one want to be sharing the floor with a rowdy local sports team on a family holiday! A quieter location is ideal for allowing younger children to nap during the day as well! Interesting decor With less limitations imposed by a head office, boutique accommodation can offer funky and interesting interiors. Children loving exploring and finding surprise features of the hotel, and can be very inventive in coming up with stories and games around the objects that they find. You can use this to help introduce the children to the history of the hotel and interesting facts about the local area. As you can see, locally owned boutique hotels are a fantastic option for family holidays and can help you really enjoy your stay in the local...

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In-house Fitness Option In Hotels

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If you are a regular traveller for work, you know that it can be hard to maintain your fitness regime when you are staying in motels. Here are some options to stay fit, whether or not your motel has a fitness centre on site. If there is a fitness centre at the motel The rowing machine is a great option to squeeze a workout into a busy day; you can get cardio benefits with some core and arm strengthening. Try rowing for 30 minutes followed by some free weights to really get your heart pumping. It’s also a great way to keep yourself busy if jetlag has you awake at weird hours of the morning. If there is a swimming pool Goring for early morning swims in the motel swimming pool can be a great way to cool down and wake up. By going early in the morning, you can avoid family time at the end of the day when all the kids tend to jump in. If there is no fitness centre or swimming pool Luckily there are many exercises you can do in a motel room with just body weight resistance. Try getting your heart rate up with some star-jumps (also known as jumping jacks). Alternate between star-jumps and the following exercises; Body weight squats: Place your feet hip width apart and squat down like you are trying to sit on a low seat. Try to get 15 of these while keeping your core strong and back straight. Take advantage of the room mirror to watch your posture. This should work your large leg muscles. Inclined push ups: Rest your hands on the desk and feet on the floor. Keep your back straight throughout. This should work your arm and chest muscles. Plank pose: Hold your body straight off the ground while resting on the tips of your toes and elbows to work your core. If you find you are locking your shoulder muscles rather than working your core, alternate stretching each hand out in a diagonal motion to create a more dynamic pose. Tricep dips: Rest the palms of your hands on the edge of the chair and wraps the fingers around the seat,while you dip up and down using your arm muscles to propel you up and down. Don’t forget to stretch afterwards. With a little planning any motel can be a perfect place to sneak in a work out. For more information about what fitness options hotels offer, contact a business such as Welcome Inn...

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